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Towable Light Tower, Solar Powered

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Towable Light Tower, Solar Powered

With increasing emissions awareness and green build regulations, your jobsite demands lighting solutions that are environmentally friendly. The Generac|Magnum line of solar hybrid mobile light towers is the answer to those demands. Reducing your jobsite’s carbon footprint, these units run on a combination of solar power / batteries and are backed up for continuous use by LP or Diesel fuel, in case the sun isn’t shining. Plus, they’re easy to use, so you can get to work faster.

Wanco Portable Solar Light Towers provide bright white lighting on a solar charge. Because they have no engine, these light towers are silent, produce no fumes, and require almost no maintenance. Lights rise to 20 or 30 feet, depending on the model. Bright, energyefficient LEDs are powered by batteries, which are charged automatically using an automated charging system and adjustable solar panels. Choices in lights and power are available to suit the light tower’s location; additional power may be required depending on usage, location, and environment.

The SLT™800 Series Progress Solar/HybridTM Light Towers are rugged, mobile outdoor light systems that provide high-intensity, bright white LED lighting on-demand, where and when you need it. The SLT™800 offers independent solar off-grid system(s) that are durable and built to perform; they are equipped with high quality solar power arrays housed on automated adjustable solar wings. A backup dual fuel (propane or gas) or tri-fuel (propane, natural gas or gas), auto-start/stop generator combined with a large fuel tank insures unattended lighting even during the toughest Inclement weather.
  • Solar/LP or Diesel Fuel powered for continuous operation rain or shine
  • 360 degree vertical mast and fixture rotation for total illumination on-site
  • Instant On LED lights provide 48,000 total lumens
  • Silent solar/battery powered operation to reduce job site or event noise