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Welcome to United Rentals

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One team, United.

Our team is what sets us apart. We’re a diverse family with different strengths and backgrounds but our culture keeps us United. We welcome you as part of the team and can’t want to see what we accomplish moving forward.

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Welcome To The Team

We know that joining a new company can seem like a lot of change to handle. So we thought we'd share some great advice from colleagues who have been in your shoes.

Check out the videos below.

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Good Move

At United Rentals, you'll find different people, different backgrounds, different perspectives, one super team. All of the employees speaking in the videos below have joined us through acquisitions. It turned out to be a good move for them, and we are confident it will be for you too.

Brian Cantu
Brian Cantu, Sales District Manager

Brian manages a sales district in his home state of Texas. He joined us from RSC and found that we're a family-oriented company.

Blaire Cottingham
Blaire Cottingham, District Sales Manager

From Lake Charles, Louisiana, Blair joined the team through Blue Stream.

United Compassion Fund

Very quickly, you'll learn that we genuinely care about each other. Our employee-funded 501(c)(3) program helps colleagues in crisis.


Grow With Us

United Rentals is a great place to work and achieve your goals.




Joined Through Acquisition


Would Recommend URI as a Good Place to Work


It's All About Team Building

The most important part of United Rentals is our people. It's our job to make sure you have the support of a great team and a company that wants you to succeed. We're excited to have you join us.


Emergency Response

emergency response trailer
Emergencies bring out our best.

United Rentals stands ready to help with the industry’s largest emergency management infrastructure: fleet, mobility, communications and expertise.

Team United has always been ready to help. Through more than 20 years of natural disasters, the 9/11 attacks and now COVID-19, we’ve taken great care of our customers, communities and each other. Three years ago, we began to channel that outpouring of help through a new emergency management structure that can adapt to any circumstances.

The first step was to establish an Emergency Response Team of employee volunteers, who now number more than a thousand. The ERT became the springboard for a far-reaching emergency management structure that combines national capacity, mobility and expertise into a coordinated response.

See some of our recent success stories below or learn more about the Emergency Response Team.

man cleaning backhoe for covid 19 response
Acting on an instinct to help

A close-knit culture united over 18,000 employees, helping the company combat an emergency no one had seen before.

palm trees in hurricane
Called to action in the Florida Panhandle

An ERT command center at the United Rentals branch in Pensacola helped Tyndall Air Force Base pick up the pieces after complete devastation.

emergency response trailer
After the storm, the cavalry arrives

As the winds died down on the Gulf, the ERT brought order to chaos: take care of your people, serve your customers, help your communities.



Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about United Rentals? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Benefits & Pay
What will happen to my tenure?

Your original hire date will remain and will be used for all United Rentals benefits and policies that are based upon years of service. This includes vacation and sick day accruals, as well as vesting under the United Rentals retirement savings plan. In addition, your years of service will be credited for recognition under the United Rentals service milestone recognition program.

How will I learn about United Rentals’ pay and benefits programs as well as everything else we’ll need to know as part of the URI team?

At United Rentals, we value communication so during your onboarding process, you’ll learn everything you need to know about your transition. You’ll learn all about our pay and benefits, our programs and more through targeted communications specifically designed to answer all of your questions in depth.

How often does URI administer performance reviews and merit pay increases?

Performance reviews for all positions are generally done annually in the first quarter of the year. The performance review results are key factors in the annual merit pay increase process, with approved base pay increases effective on April 1st of each year.

How does United Rentals recognize service anniversaries?

At URI, employee service anniversaries are recognized at five year interval, beginning with year five. United Rentals partners with OC Tanner to create a recognition package in celebration of milestone service anniversaries. This recognition package contains a Lucite frame with certificate, pen and brochure from which a gift can be selected.

Onboarding & Training
What is the top priority as we consider the many aspects of the integration?

Our goal is always to do what’s right, and do it as transparently as possible. This includes taking care of all our employees. We have processes in place to communicate with you frequently during the integration, while maintaining high levels of customer service and safety. Safety is the collective responsibility of our combined team. We want you to think of it as a fundamental requirement of the job –– a core value that’s part of who we are, how we operate and what we believe in. You’ll see us prioritize that during the transition.

How do I become familiar with United Rentals’ policies and procedures?

All policies and procedures are located on MyUR, the Company’s Intranet site, along with many other resources made available by different corporate departments, to which you will have access as a United Rentals employee. Each policy is included in a Policy and Procedure Bulletin, which we refer to as a PPB. Double click on the Policies & Forms tab on the Home page of the Intranet for direct access to all of our PPBs. You also should reference our Employee Handbook, which you can access on MyUR. In the near future, you will see a variety of new United Rentals postings at your branch, which include important policy and contact information.

What training and development opportunities does United Rentals offer?

Our philosophy is to help you develop your skills for the job you have – and the job you want. Our goal is to provide as many development opportunities as possible, knowing that learning happens not just in a classroom or online course, but through experiences, coaching and opportunity.

How does United Rentals’ measure employee engagement?

Every other year, United Rentals administers an all-employee survey through a third party-vendor to measure employee engagement. We have a highly engaged workforce and are proud to know that 92% of our employees believe strongly in the goals and objectives of United Rentals.

Values & Communication
What is United Rentals commitment to Safety?

Our commitment to safety defines who we are and what we value most as the leader in a very challenging industry: the personal safety of our employees. Simply stated, we want every employee to go home at the end of the day the same way they came to work. This commitment means providing our employees with the tools, environment, and knowledge they need to work safely every day. We also recognize that our safety performance and reputation figure significantly in our ability to attract and retain the best employees and loyal customers, and in securing our safety leadership role in the industries and communities we serve.

What should I tell customers about the merger?

We are combining two premier companies in the rental industry to provide unmatched customer service and value. Together we will support you with the very best people, solutions and equipment in the industry. Our dedicated employees combine proven expertise in commercial and industrial equipment solutions across a wide range of applications, with an unwavering focus on customer success. Together, we will now be able to provide customers an unparalleled range of general rental products, including a more diverse fleet mix, specialized Power, HVAC, Pump, Trench Safety, Tool Management and Portable Sanitation services, and additional best in class solutions such as Total Control technology solutions and United Academy safety training.

What is the United Compassion Fund?

The United Compassion Fund (UCF) is an employee-funded, first-response program intended to assist employees in distress that have experienced an uncontrollable crisis situation that creates a financial hardship. The UCF is a 501(c)(3) charity. Donations are tax deductible and grants distributed to recipients are tax-free. An elected board of directors made up of field employees makes all grant decisions. More than 6,000 URI employees are actively donating and hundreds of URI families have been helped through the generosity of those contributing.

How is United Rentals military friendly?

United Rentals is committed to providing employment opportunities for veterans.  We have over 1,500 employees who are veterans and have received awards and recognition as a top military-friendly employer:

  • 2021 Military Friendly Company and Top 10 Employer Gold Award by G.I. Jobs
  • 2021 Military Friendly Spouse Employer by G.I. Jobs
  • 2021 Military Friendly Supplier Diversity Program by G.I. Jobs
  • 2020 Best of Best – Top Veteran Friendly Companies List by U.S. Veteran Magazine
  • HIRE Vets Medallion Award Program Gold Award, Large Employer by the U.S. Department of Labor
  • U.S. Department of Defense presented United Rentals with the 2014 Seven Seals Award

Our company values, including strong leadership, teamwork, discipline, diversity and work ethic, align with those of veterans and reservists. We support our current and prospective military employees by providing job protection and assisting veterans who are both working while on active duty or transitioning to civilian life. We take great pride in understanding the needs of our employees who serve or have served in the military.

What type of recognition has United Rentals received?

We are able to do great things as a company because of our terrific team. In 2020, United Rentals was recognized as one of America’s Best Employers by Forbes magazine. Companies are chosen for this honor based on an independent survey of over 30,000 U.S. employees. This is a testament to the culture that our employees have worked to build throughout United Rentals. We’ve also been recognized on Newsweek’s America’s Most Responsible Companies list and by the Association of Builders and Contractors with their 2020 National Diversity Excellence Award.

View more of our recent awards and recognition here.

How did United Rentals handle the COVID-19 crisis?

United Rentals responded aggressively to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic with the foremost priority being the health and safety of our employees and customers. Following are key highlights:

  • Maintained the scale and scope of operations, with no COVID-19-related employee layoffs or involuntary furloughs, while reducing operating costs.
  • Achieved high employee engagement through frequent and transparent communications.
  • Awarded 2020 merit increases in line with pre-COVID-19 plan.
  • Issued recognition awards of 10 shares of Company stock valued at $1,770 to all frontline employees.
  • Established consistent COVID-19 hygiene and safety protocols across branches, with location-specific guidelines.
  • Implemented contactless drive-up service at branch locations to protect employees and customers.



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