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Product code: SH_027_EL_EN

Scaffolding Safety

Working at heights is very common in the construction industry and in many cases will require the use of a scaffold. It is used in new construction, routine maintenance, renovation, painting, repairing, removal, and performing arts activities. Scaffolding offers a safer and more comfortable work arrangement compared to leaning over edges, stretching overhead, and working from ladders. Scaffolding provides employees safe access to work locations, level and stable working platforms, and temporary storage for tools and materials for performing immediate tasks.

All regulations on scaffolding in the construction industry are found in Subpart L of 29 CFR 1926.

Training Topics:

  • Define common types of scaffolds and terms associated with their use.
  • Identify hazards associated with scaffolds.
  • Understand how to erect, use, move, dismantle, and inspect a scaffold.
  • Recognize required safe practices for working on or near scaffolds.
  • And identify fall protection requirements specific to work on scaffolds.

This training program focuses on the needs of the “end user”, and upon successful completion, will provide an updated operator's certificate and wallet card.

Training Topic

  • Awareness

Education Type

  • Awareness

Learning Setting

  • Online

Instruction Language

  • English
Price per seat
29.00 USD
Session Details
  • Awareness
  • Online
  • English
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