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MSHA 4-Hour New Miner Training, Part 2 (General Safety and Health)

NOTICE: THIS TRAINING IS APPLICABLE ONLY TO MSHA TITLE 30, PART 46 REGULATIONS FOR NON-COAL SURFACE MINING. THIS TRAINING WILL NOT SATISFY PART 48 TRAINING REQUIREMENTS. If you are uncertain whether you are required to have Part 46 or Part 48 training, please contact the mine(s) you are planning to enter.

Part 46 of MSHA regulations requires that mine operators and/or independent contractors provide 24 hours of training within 90 days of when a new miner starts work. This ClickSafety online course can be used towards meeting this training requirement. 

With Part 2 of ClickSafety’s new miner training, a worker will learn important principles for working at a surface mine with regard to:

  • The mine environment
  • General procedures for common emergencies, including fire prevention and control
  • First aid methods
  • Self-rescue devices and respirators
  • Staying safe and healthy around the hazards of silica dust, welding and cutting, hazardous energies (including electrical energy), confined spaces, conveyors, and moving machine parts

Training Topics:


  • Emergency Procedures, Part 2
  • Review of First Aid Methods
  • Self-Rescue and Respiratory Devices
  • Silica Dust Awareness
  • Welding and Cutting Awareness
  • Other Mine Hazards

Upon successful completion, each student will receive a ClickSafety Certificate of Completion that will show the 0.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and 1 Contact Hour received for this IACET-approved course. Each student will also receive an MSHA-specific New Miner Training Record form which align which align with MSHA requirements in Part 46.

Training Topic

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  • Compliance

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  • Online

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  • English
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79.00 USD
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  • Compliance
  • Online
  • English
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