Product code: SH_016_EL_EN

Hazard and Risk Identification

The hazard identification process should be used for routine and non-routine activities as well as new processes, changes in operation, products or services as applicable. 

The safety team will conduct a baseline worksite hazard assessment which is a formal process in place to identify the various tasks that are to be performed and the accompanying identified potential hazards. The results are included in a report of the results of the hazard assessment and the methods used to control or eliminate the hazards identified. The hazard assessment report must be signed and have the date on it.

Training Topics:

  • Understand the guidelines for identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards
  • Identify potential hazards of new processes and materials before they are introduced into the workplace
  • Be able to determine the jobs and tasks which require risk assessment.

This training program focuses on the needs of the “end user”, and upon successful completion, will provide an updated operator's certificate and wallet card.

Training Topic

  • Guidelines

Education Type

  • Awareness

Learning Setting

  • Online

Instruction Language

  • English
Price per seat
16.00 USD
Session Details
  • Awareness
  • Online
  • English
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