Product code: SH_015_EL_EN

Hand Tools Safety

In our everyday lives, the endless availability and common routine use of hand tools, can make us forget that these items can be extremely hazardous to our health and well-being.

This module will not only train you to identify and know the possible hazards associated with everyday used hand tools, but how to safely use them to eliminate potential hazards on the job site.

Training Topics:

  • Understand the hazards associated with using hand tools
  • Recognize some common injuries related using hand tools and how to properly avoid them.
  • Know how to properly choose, maintain, and use hand tools
  • Be aware of proper safety practices for common hand tools

This training program focuses on the needs of the “end user”, and upon successful completion, will provide an updated operator's certificate and wallet card.

Training Topic

  • Awareness

Education Type

  • Awareness

Learning Setting

  • Online

Instruction Language

  • English
Price per seat
20.00 USD
Session Details
  • Awareness
  • Online
  • English
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