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Emergency Action Plan

When an emergency strikes, every second counts. There is no time to start thinking about what has to be done, where, or by whom. From getting medical attention to a severely injured worker to getting all employees out of a burning building, seconds spell the difference between life and death. Having an established emergency response plan can save property, equipment, and most importantly employees.

Training Topics:

  • Know what an emergency action plan is.
  • Understand emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Be aware of rescue and medical responsibilities.
  • Know ways to report fires and other emergencies.
  • Be aware your responsibilities when an emergency strikes.

This training program focuses on the needs of the “end user”, and upon successful completion, will provide an updated operator's certificate and wallet card.

Training Topic

  • Procedures

Education Type

  • Awareness

Learning Setting

  • Online

Instruction Language

  • English
Price per seat
20.00 USD
Session Details
  • Awareness
  • Online
  • English
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