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Keep the power on and customer confidence high

Power is a fundamental necessity to utility companies and power producers. To run your best, rely on the unmatched expertise and equipment from United Rentals.

Our industry experts and vast inventory of heating, cooling and moisture control equipment means we can keep interruptions to a minimum and power flowing to your customers. Whether you need temporary power or have climate control needs, we have 900 MW of power in North America and a 24/7 real-time response teams ready to go to work for you.

Power Generation

Get mobile power with industrial grade silenced generators that can run over 24 hours.

Success Story

Restoring power for peace of mind

The main water treatment facility in a major Midwestern city lost its second power line feed and they needed a second power source. Equipment to complete the job was spread across the country and time was limited.
United Rentals worked quickly and effectively to install 28 MV of temporary power as a reliable second source. After testing the system, it proved to be fully functional should the plant need to run during an emergency. To quote the client, “This was a 3-legged race to restoration of power and you won.”