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Go live confidently with our equipment and expertise

From large concert venues to remote festivals, we have the technical experience to design and build out a successful production. Count on us for everything from identifying and managing resources to providing equipment and onsite support. 

Power Generation

Get mobile power with industrial grade silenced generators that can run over 24 hours.

Success Story

Flawless power and A/C for the PGA President’s Cup

When the world is watching, you have to get it right. Such was the case with the PGA President’s Cup. Our task was to design and install the golf course for host venue Liberty National Golf Course. Our team brought unique solutions and unmatched expertise. In total, the project required 2200 tons of HVAC, 12MW of power, 86 distribution panels, and 23 miles of cable.

With a tight timeline, very limited space, and specific custom equipment needs, Liberty National was able to host a flawless event for the whole world to see.