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Power & HVAC Rentals for

Refining and Petrochemical Power Generation

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Keep operations running in challenging situations

When your plant requires safe, and efficient equipment, rely on the unmatched expertise of United Rentals. From scheduled turnarounds, to unplanned process upsets PHVAC is known for stepping in quickly to overcome the challenge and quickly deploy temporary power generation, electrical distribution, and temperature control solutions.

Power Generation

Get mobile power with industrial grade silenced generators that can run over 24 hours.

Success Story

When destruction hit, we answered the call

When Hurricane Harvey severely damaged a chemical plant in Ingleside, Texas, United Rentals stepped in to help provide a solution where it was needed the most.
Production was stopped. Destruction within the area made logistical support from local vendors too difficult. United Rentals needed to install a 25,000-ton cooling tower system, add 14ft leg (BASE) extensions, lay matting for 250 feet of ground surface, and implement a 2,500 kVA power distribution system, all in 6 days. We did it in 5.