Load Bank Solutions for Utility Substations

New substations must be tested before going live to verify proper operation of relays and power protection. Operators can test their new facilities in one of two ways: use the existing power grid or deploy load banks. Using the grid to commission a substation facility can lead to many issues, including an inability to precisely control critical voltage, current and load parameters. You also have little control over scheduling a power grid test.

With the right Electrical Solutions partner on the job, load banks can be used in place of the power grid for utility commissioning, helping to speed-up the commissioning process, improve testing accuracy, allow greater scheduling control and create an opportunity for lowering overall commissioning costs.

Electrical Solutions - Utilities
Portable Load Banks

Whether an emergency need to overcome a lack of grid power or a planned substation commissioning project, United Rentals carries a full line of load banks specifically designed for the unique needs of the Utilities market. With both Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled models available, our Electrical Solutions team can provide a custom solution when and where you need it most.

Mobile Portable Load Bank Systems

Transformation and Distribution

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Emergency Utility Substation

While commissioning a substation, a large utility customer ran into a shortage of necessary grid power while working over the weekend.  The utility requested a medium voltage large load bank package in order to overcome the lack of grid power.  The United Rentals Electrical Solutions team loaded up and was onsite to make the delivery within a couple of hours.  

With the needed equipment onsite, The Electrical Solutions team was able to prevent an extended outage, thus enabling the power to be turned back on as planned. United Rentals was proud to provide a solution that kept local businesses and neighborhoods going about their daily routines without interruption.

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