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Electrical Solutions - Petrochemical
Electrical Solutions


Electrical Solutions for Refining and Petrochemical

Petrochemical plants are some of the largest consumers of power. Refineries have critical tasks that solely rely on consistent power. Losing power can lead to disastrous and hazardous consequences for all of the personnel involved. Additionally, refineries require shutdowns for annual maintenance periods. Plants that have cogeneration power production not only lose out on the money made from selling power back to utilities, but this reduction of power consumption can also lead to being penalized by the power provider for not meeting the load demand requirements for which they are obligated.

United Rentals Electrical Solutions team understands that mechanical failures are never scheduled events, so our team is available 24/7 to support your needs with reliable equipment and the knowledge to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Electrical Solutions - Petrochemical

Portable Load Banks

Utilizing load banks for testing, power consumption, and even as a method for providing heat in winter months can save costs that otherwise might have been overlooked.  Additionally, we offer power distribution products, such as transformers, medium voltage cable, mobile switchgear/protection and electrical testing equipment. 

Mobile Load Bank Solutions

Transformation and Distribution

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Refinery Turnarounds

Refineries plan semi and annual turnarounds to upgrade, repair, or maintain specific areas within a plant. When a refinery shuts down a unit, the cost of missed production for refineries and other petrochemical facilities can have a significant impact on operational expenses and production prices. Turnarounds that take longer than anticipated can have serious ramifications for refiners.

United Rentals was asked to provide temporary power, including significant amounts of cable, distribution and switchgear. At times, units required either massive amounts of power or very minimal power. Load Banks were employed to help offset the low power requirements and prevent both the refinery and United Rental's generators from wet stacking and thereby shutting down prematurely due to a low load or voltage drop scenarios. With the United Rentals tunraround solution the refinery was able to finish on time, on budget and with no mechanical issues.

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