Load Bank Solutions for the Marine Industry

Power loss while at sea can jeopardize important systems including heating, light, navigation, and steering. Many vessels today are electric-powered by a primary energy source, using diesel generators or gas turbines. When the stakes are this high, it's critical for a vessel to maintain reliable back up power at all times.

Load banks are used for the testing of Gensets, Turbines, Uninterrupted Power Supplies, and DC systems. With decades of experience providing rentals and selling new and used equipment into the shipbuilding sector, United Rentals Electrical Solutions load banks can be found at many shipyards around the nation.

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Portable Load Banks

With Water-Cooled models available, United Rentals Electrical Solutions team can help you with a portable load bank solution to test the critical areas of your substation during the commissioning process.

Mobile Portable Load Bank Systems

Transformation and Distribution

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Emergency Maritime Success Story

A large marine repair company needed to quickly test one of a vessel’s generators in an efficient and timely manner. United Rentals assessed the situation, developed the equipment solution, loaded up the necessary equipment, and quickly arrived at the site.

United Rentals provided shore to ship power in lieu of the ship’s generator, allowing the ship’s generators to be load banked. The marine repair company was then able to test and assess the on-board generators and figure out how to best make the necessary corrections. With United Rentals help, the marine repair company was able to quickly repair, test and recommission the generators putting them back into service.

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