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Electrical Solutions


Electrical Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

When the power goes out at your healthcare facility, will your back up generators work correctly and support your facilities critical power systems?

Our full line of resistive or reactive load banks provide testing capabilities for your critical care systems in a controlled, non-life threatening environment allowing you to recognize potential problems before they arise. Backup system testing on a regular basis is critical to maintaining compliance with federal requirements for healthcare facility back up power systems.


exterior of a hospital sign with the hospital in the background

Portable Load Banks

United Rentals Electrical Solutions group can help ensure dependable operation of your backup power system through our turnkey testing systems.

Mobile Electrical Solution Systems

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Transformation and Distribution

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Healthcare System Critical Backup Power Issues

A hospital was experiencing issues with a newly installed backup generator system not running correctly. The hospital called the system manufacturer as well as United Rentals Electrical Solutions group. A United Rentals representative quickly followed up with a site visit, providing important information on testing. With a better understanding of the critical nature of the situation, the company asked United Rentals to bring in a load bank to test the backup system. The United Rentals team quickly identified multiple issues with installation.

If the tests would not have been done and the issues gone unidentified, the hospital could have potentially been out of compliance, and more importantly, patient care could have been jeopardized in the case of power failure.

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