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Electrical Solutions - Government
Electrical Solutions


Electrical Solutions for Government Facilities

As the demand increases for reliable backup power, data storage and the need for guaranteed uptime continues to expand. The ability to keep your mission critical government sites online and running optimally is imperative. United Rentals Electrical Solutions has a large supply of specialized commissioning equipment that can be utilized on a temporary or permanent basis as the demand on an installed system grows. This includes our multiple portable units for data centers, pre-wired medium to high voltage load bank solutions, transformers of any voltage, and switchgear applications. Our Electrical Solutions team has over 125 years of combined industry experience and we are available 24/7/365. Give us a call!

Electrical Solutions - Government

Portable Load Banks

Portable Load Banks allow for testing of critical areas of your data centers, server rooms and small generators during the commissioning process. Load banks come in both Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled models at almost any voltage.

Mobile Portable Load Bank Systems

Transformation and Distribution

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With new government facility construction, tying into the utility grid for primary power needs is one of the most important considerations. Typically, a substation will be built to adjust voltage to the specific needs of the government facility. Often, construction has been completed prior to being placed on the grid, creating a need for temporary solutions for facility testing and commissioning.

With an extensive fleet of generators and load bank packages reliably maintained and available through our national network of local branches, United Rentals specializes in micro grid solutions to provide the necessary power to test, commission, and validate your substation. Our systems will provide specific load and voltage amounts to prove and in-service all protective relays within the substation. Additional items such as CTs, relay phasing and communication as well are tested, validated and in-serviced.

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