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Power & HVAC Rentals for

Disaster and Restoration Power Generation

Get 24/7 Support

Get 24/7 Support

First on the scene with power and climate solutions

Every emergency demands swift and knowledgeable response. When the unexpected happens, rely on United Rentals and the largest network of locations and equipment across North America to mitigate interruptions and loss – fast.

Temporary Power

From scheduled shutdowns to system failures, United Rentals has you covered.

Success Story

Immediate support following Hurricane Sandy

Before, during and after disaster events, United Rentals employs an “all hands on deck” policy. So when the unthinkable happened, we didn’t hesitate. We helped.
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, United Rentals provided immediate and ongoing support to FEMA, including assistance to a 7,000-person First Responders Camp. Thanks to our vast fleet and network, we were able to provide power and climate control, as well as water trucks, forklifts, and service technicians. We worked around the clock to minimize loss and assist with restoration and recovery in whatever way was needed.