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Power HVAC Music Fest
Power & HVAC Case Study

Entertainment Package Simplifies Power and HVAC for Large Music Festival


United Rentals provides pre-wired “plug and play” packages that simplify installation and allow expedient distribution of electricity.

Utilities such as electricity, heat and air conditioning can add cost and complication to events. With small entertainment packages, United Rentals simplifies these solutions for customers in the entertainment market.

Temporary power and climate control are essential to the success of events such as festivals, concerts, and fairs. Live music, catering and vending require electricity, and patrons require comfortable air temperatures provided by climate control.

Oftentimes the power and HVAC units involved require heavy equipment to move and put in place. This can add not only cost and complexity to installation but, when the space is congested, safety concerns as well.

A customer in the Midwest engaged with United Rentals to identify and meet their utility needs for a music festival with more than 250,000 attendees. They hoped to streamline the rental process and make equipment installation as expedient as possible. Given the changeable weather, the customer wanted to be ready with both air conditioning and heating.

Planning for a large event

After sizing the electrical and HVAC need, the United Rentals technical and sales teams offered to provide a trailer customized with all of the climate control, power generation, power transformer and distribution equipment needed. Additionally, the trailer was outfitted with cabling, ducts, and custom plenums necessary to interface between the air conditioner duct and event tent.

At the customer’s request and leveraging United Rentals’ suite of modular rental equipment, the trailer was quickly assembled and deployed to the event. Because the comprehensive package was built out on a single trailer, only one piece of equipment needed to be placed. This simplified load-in and mitigated the risk of placing multiple pieces across a busy worksite using heavy equipment.

Once the trailer was placed, installation was completed quickly. Custom plenums allowed seamless duct connections between the air conditioner and the tent.

United Rentals can create similar custom packages based on site needs for any event, large or small. This includes pre-wired “plug and play” packages that further simplify installation and allow expedient distribution of electricity as needed, with dedicated feeds for all facets of the event.

Reliability, simplicity, and speed of installation are critical to the events and entertainment market, as is limiting risk exposure. With its extensive power and HVAC expertise and vast equipment fleet, United Rentals stands ready to serve.