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Industry Solutions

Power Generation & Utility Solutions

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Power & Utility Industry equipment solutions for resiliency and reliability

Overcoming the challenges of delivering power in an evolving and complex environment requires an equipment rental partner with deep industry experience backed by reliable equipment and 24/7 service.

United Rentals specializes in providing customized solutions to boost productivity, streamline scheduling, and optimize performance for all sectors of the Power industry whether plant operations, transmission & distribution, substations, or renewables.

With decades of experience working with some of the largest Power providers in North America, our experienced Power team stands ready whether planned outage or unforeseen event.


Explore Power & Utility Industry Sectors

Utility and Power Generation


Keep power flowing to your customers with unmatched solutions and expertise. Because downtime is not an option. 

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Power Generation

United Rentals is a single source that helps power partners solve interruptions - planned and unplanned - through innovative designs that fit different regulatory environments, timelines and budgets. 

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Keep the lights on and the power flowing to customers with the right temporary solutions partner. 

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Our team of experts is at the ready to provide commissioning and testing support to reduce the risk of an outage. Plus, the equipment for temporary substation configuration. 


What United Rentals Can Do For You

Let United Rentals be your single-source provider for power industry solutions


With a low TRIR and decades of experience, our team is here to help ensure environmental safety compliance and can train your crew through United Academy.

Customized Solutions

United Rentals is a continuous improvement partner with turn key project management solutions, advanced analytics and sophisticated systems integration capabilities. 

Improve Resiliency & Reliability

Backed by a team of experts, we have the solutions and experience to help reduce CAIDI, SAIDI and SAIFI scores, improve efficiency in planned maintenance work, substation commissioning, testing and outages, even with seasonal limitations. 

Connected Technology

Our digital tools help Power providers make smarter equipment decisions and save both time and money. Total Control keeps teams in the know and in control. 

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6 Ways to Boost Power Plant Outage Efficiency

Download the e-book and contact a United Rentals expert to learn how you can improve your next planned seasonal outage by collaborating with your trust equipment partner and drawing on our expertise.


Power Industry Projects

Power Plant Weathers Cold Thanks to Rapid Response


When record low temperatures and a severe winter storm were predicted for Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, in February 2021, managers at a natural gas power plant hoped to keep the plant operating. They knew they would need to secure rental heaters to prevent pipes and valves from freezing. If water vapor in the lines to the vacuum pressure steam gauges condensed and froze, inaccurate gauge readings would result, leading to safety shutdowns for the entire power generating unit. Frozen valves on water and oil pipes would prevent the liquids from circulating to cool the plant and make it impossible to produce steam for the turbine operation.


With frigid temperatures settling in over much of U.S., finding heaters was a major challenge. In addition, the plant was forced to shut down one or both of its generation units at various times because the state’s natural gas suppliers, also affected by the storm, weren’t able to maintain a steady supply of the fuel needed to run the plant. Since the plant depends on its own generated power to run its lights and computers, it needed diesel-powered generators to help maintain basic operations.


United Rentals reached out to branches as far away as Oregon and Washington state to obtain electric, gas-fired and diesel-fired heaters. To get them to Texas as fast as possible, it arranged for teams of drivers to travel day and night. To keep the lights on in the plant, United Rentals also provided several megawatts’ worth of generators and the equipment needed to connect them to the plant’s system. When the plant was completely down, the generators ran around the clock, burning 60 gallons of diesel an hour. Because diesel was in short supply, United Rentals brought in a vendor partner, which went to extraordinary lengths to fill the plant’s diesel needs, delivering 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel per night. Once temperatures rose above freezing, United Rentals sent out diesel-driven and electric pumps to help the plant remove water in areas flooded due to burst pipes.


Explore United Rentals' Solutions for the Power & Utility Industry

United Rentals' extensive offerings come together to provide end-to-end solutions for your power needs.


Explore United Rentals' Services for the Power & Utility Industry

From managed maintenance plans to digital account and equipment management, our services help keep you on track.

Total Control®
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Total Control®

Our web-based equipment management platform provides transparency into owned and rented assets and gives actionable insights for smarter, safer plant operations.  

Customer Equipment Solutions
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Customer Equipment Solutions

Let our team of experts manage and maintain your owned equipment fleet. So you can focus on plant operations. 

Tool Management Services
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Tool Management Services

We have the right tools and the data that provides actionable insights for smarter, more productive plant operations. 



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Power Plant Outage E-book

Download United Rental’s Guide to Boosting Power Plant Outage Efficiency

The energy landscape is changing fast, but power plants remain the backbone of America’s electrical system. With many of these plants easing into old age, planned seasonal outages for maintenance and repair are more important than ever.

Download the e-book and contact a United Rentals expert to learn how you can improve your next planned seasonal outage by collaborating with your trust equipment partner and drawing on our expertise.

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