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Club Car (2,282)

United Rentals offers an expansive range of Club Car vehicles for sale, renowned for their superior performance, quality and durability. Whether you need a new golf cart for your leisure activities or a robust utility vehicle for more demanding tasks, our selection of Club Car products has something for your specific needs.

For our full list of Club Car vehicles, view the items below. For more information about Club Car, visit our resource section.



FAQs about Club Car products

You can find all the Club Car utility vehicles and golf carts for sale here at United Rentals. We have a wide range of used Club Car Carryall UTVs and smaller-capacity golf carts that are great for groundskeeping, landscaping, facility maintenance, general construction, transportation and event management. Club Car is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial UTVs and golf carts, designing durable and reliable vehicles for your business. Our inventory continuously changes, so check back often to see what we have available in your area. If you’re looking to buy new equipment but don’t want to break the bank, our used Club Car inventory is just what you need. And with our United Guard Warranty, your purchase is protected. We also offer a variety of Customer Equipment Solutions plans to help keep your owned equipment in optimal condition. Check out some featured units above and request information on any Club Car model near you.

Learn more about our Club Car vehicles in our FAQ section below.

Where are Club Car UTVs manufactured?

Club Car UTVs are manufactured in Augusta, Georgia. Club Car boasts nearly 60 years of industry-leading innovation and design, initially focused on golf carts, then expanding to commercial utility vehicles and personal transportation. Every detail of Club Car's design, fabrication and assembly is executed with an uncompromising desire for superior performance.

How long is a Club Car Carryall?

The Club Car Carryall line of full-sized UTVs measures between 109 and 120 inches in length, depending on the model and year. Request information for each Club Car model, and a representative can give you the specifics.

How do you winterize a Club Car golf cart?

Each Club Car golf cart is different, so it’s best to consult your owner’s manual for best winterizing practices. You will want to clean the cart, change the fluids, remove the battery and store it in a warm, dry place.

Financing FAQs
What are the benefits of financing used equipment purchases?

Securing funding for your used equipment purchases through United Rentals can positively impact your overall financial situation. Financing your equipment, as opposed to paying cash, helps you better manage your cash flow and minimizes the risk of your equipment becoming obsolete. With the flexibility to upgrade or add-on as your equipment needs change, you can allocate your operating capital to more profitable investments or other business expenses. Unlike variable bank lines of credit, our fixed payment plans provide stability and allow you to budget and forecast effectively. Moreover, financing makes acquiring equipment more feasible by spreading the cost across manageable monthly payments, allowing you to buy more equipment. Consider adding our United Guard Warranty to selected purchases as part of your financing package to safeguard your investment. 

What options do I have for leasing equipment?

United Rentals provides various leasing options tailored to different financial needs. The most common choice is our $1 Purchase Option Lease, which offers flexible terms lasting from 12 to 60 months and requires property and liability insurance. Alternatively, our 10% Purchase Option Lease covers the same term range, with the customer responsible for 10% of the total financed amount at the end of the lease. For customers with seasonal work and a solid credit history, our Seasonal Lease offers payment options on an annual, semiannually or quarterly basis. Lastly, our Lease-to-Own Option, also with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months, allows flexibility in settling the principal balance — it can be paid in full or financed, or the equipment can be returned. United Rentals can help you choose the leasing option that works best for you. To qualify for financing, fill out our application form today. 

What are the options for financing equipment?

United Rentals’ Equipment Finance Agreement Loan offers flexibility with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. This plan is designed explicitly for financing titled equipment, which means having property insurance is mandatory. On the flip side, our Rental Purchase Option (RPO) provides shorter terms of six or 12 months. However, there's a minimum total spending requirement of $10,000, which includes taxes and warranties. The RPO also requires the purchase of a matching United Guard Warranty. At the end of the term, customers have the option to pay the principal balance in full, finance it or return the equipment, depending on their financial preferences. To qualify for financing, fill out our application form. For help determining which loan option is right for you, contact your local United Rentals branch today.  

Are there any tax incentives for buying used equipment?

There are tax advantages to buying used equipment. IRS section 179 allows businesses to deduct the total purchase price of equipment from taxable income, encompassing both new and used equipment purchases and leases. 

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Why Buy with United Rentals?

Discover best-in-class used equipment sales solutions with United Rentals. Our expertly trained technicians already inspect, service and maintain the largest fleet in North America. Because of that network, we're uniquely positioned to get you the equipment sales service you need whenever and wherever you need it.