Cat Class Code190-5280

2015 Hytorc BTM-1000 Wrench

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From United Rentals comes a superior selection of hand tool sets availble for rent including the world’s first industrial bolting system that operates without hoses, cords or reaction arms. The wrench torque guns combined with the reaction washer feature offer the ideal solution for portability and convenience in industrial bolting. Safer, faster and more accurate than all comparable systems, the dual-speed torque gun provides the speed and convenience of a pneumatic torque gun without the noise, vibration and load variation. They are designed with precision torque/tension bolting systems that can be set to your desired bolt load and locked in to repeat it on each nut, using custom-engineered precision planetary gearing to assure accuracy, repeatability and reliability. The aluminum frame makes it lightweight yet resistant to damage, and high-quality components ensure superior performance and durability. Let United Rentals supply equipment to support your daily work needs.

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Hytorc - BTM-1000
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