MSA Gas Detector Usage Data Helps Contractors Improve Confined Space Safety

Verify whether your workers are using gas monitors properly with Safety IO data from United Rentals.

Safety managers understand the importance of monitoring gas levels for confined space safety. That’s why contractors own or rent portable multi-gas detectors.

MSA, a manufacturer of gas detectors, offers a cloud-based application, Safety IO, that captures gas detector usage data. United Rentals’ customers who rent MSA gas detectors can be provided with this type of usage data, at no additional charge, when the devices are returned.

The data can provide you with information as to when the gas monitor was turned on, when a bump test was performed, what gas levels were recorded throughout the work day, and when an alarm sounded.

Benefits of gas detector usage data: Safety and compliance

Even when you’ve provided gas detection equipment, crews may neglect to use it. For example, they might enter a confined space with the gas detector turned off. Or they might forget to perform a bump test at the start of the day to reset the detector and ensure its sensors are working properly. With Safety IO data reports, you can review what happened on the site. If gas monitoring isn’t being conducted properly, you can alert site supervisors and remind crews about the risks they’re taking with their own safety and that of their coworkers.

If you own a fleet of MSA gas detectors, or you’re using a mix of purchased and rented units, United Rentals can help you set up a Safety IO subscription so you can access Safety IO through its website.

Whether you use gas detectors for sewer gas detection, industrial gas detection or other confined space gas detection, by offering Safety IO reports, United Rentals is providing its customers with yet another valuable tool to monitor and increase jobsite safety.

Visit your local United Rentals branch or call 833.482.3761 to rent a multi-gas detector or set up Safety IO for your owned MSA gas detectors.

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