The Changing Workforce: Key Trends Reshaping the Construction Industry

The construction industry is embracing new demographics at a fast pace.


The face of the construction industry is rapidly changing as the industry grapples with an ongoing labor shortage that has made it hard to fill certain positions where high levels of skill are required. An aging workforce may eventually lead to lost 'knowledge capital' as experienced workers begin retiring, ultimately requiring an influx of new labor to offset the loss. Firms may face productivity-limiting labor challenges if the industry doesn't proactively work to recruit, train and retain new workers.

Additionally, in an effort to become more diverse and inclusive, firms are actively seeking out and training women and other groups of people with varying demographics that are otherwise underrepresented in the industry.

Diversity has improved in many segments of the construction industry as firms realize that reaching for a more diverse workplace is not only the right thing to do, but is also a smart business move. That means collaborating with the local community to fill the skills gap through recruitment and training programs. Government funding is available to draw more women and ethnic minorities into construction-related trades and careers.

At United Rentals, diversity is a high priority, among both suppliers and employees. United Rentals believes that in order to remain competitive in a tough economy, it’s crucial to include the broadest possible range of people, ideas, products and services.

“When people respect each other's personal history and cultural experiences, it makes for a better workplace,” said Craig Pintoff, Senior VP of Human Resources for United Rentals. “Individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences give us perspective that strengthens our products and services.”

The company has been named among the Top 100 Leaders in Corporate Supplier Diversity in 2014 by Women’s Enterprise Magazine, has been recognized as a 2015 Diversity Leader by Diversity Journal and is a recent recipient of the Associated Builders and Contractors ‘National Diversity Excellence Award.’

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