6 Reasons to Outsource Your Mobile Equipment Maintenance

Do you want to spend your time and energy maintaining equipment or running your business?

Maintaining mobile construction equipment sounds simple enough in theory: You make time for regular servicing and respond quickly when something breaks down. But defining and operating a fleet maintenance program while running a commercial construction business can be overwhelmingly time-consuming. Too often, managers delay fleet maintenance, which can lead to costly repairs and job delays.

Outsourcing fleet maintenance is an option worth considering for many businesses. In a recent webinar on mobile construction equipment maintenance, Bret Kasubke, director of sales and marketing for United Rentals’ Customer Equipment Solutions group, explained why outsourcing maintenance may be the smarter, more efficient, more cost-effective choice for many companies.

1. You’ll comply with regulations and reduce liability

Fleet maintenance isn’t just about reducing repair costs, it’s also about protecting your company legally and keeping employees safe. Certain types of equipment are subject to maintenance regulations. If you outsource maintenance to qualified professionals, they’ll make sure you comply with relevant government standards. The provider will also keep detailed service records, which could help reduce your liability if your equipment is involved in an on-the-job incident.

2. You’ll ensure maintenance gets done

If you’re overseeing your own fleet maintenance, it’s easy to postpone servicing. After all, it’s difficult to pull a piece of equipment from a job site, where it’s making you money, to have it serviced. With outsourcing, your equipment will be serviced on a regular schedule to maximize uptime.

United Rentals can proactively schedule and complete required inspection and maintenance services per time intervals and/or usage. It also offers an onsite, turnkey solution for equipment and vehicles located at large sites.

3. You’ll have access to qualified labor

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a fleet, especially a mixed fleet, is finding qualified, capable mechanics. The shortage of skilled labor in many areas is real. When you outsource your equipment maintenance to a high-quality service provider with deep experience in mixed fleets, you don’t need to worry about finding or training mechanics. That work is done for you.

4. You’ll save time and realize cost efficiencies on parts

In addition to leveraging the service provider’s mechanics, you’ll also be able to tap into their supply chain. Companies that service fleets have the purchasing power and priority order status to get you the parts you need fast, often at price points below standard retail pricing than you’d pay. Providers with large parts inventories may already have the needed parts on hand, which helps to get your equipment up and running faster, saving money in the process.

5. You’ll need fewer people and resources

Hiring and retaining employees is costly. With outsourcing, you’ll need fewer equipment maintenance staff — and likely, fewer service trucks and repair tools. You’ll also eliminate the need to lease a maintenance management system.

6. You’ll be free to focus on your core business

Most commercial construction operators make money when they’re performing work on site or bidding new jobs. Outsourcing your maintenance allows you to focus on those core areas of your business, potentially increasing profitability.

As a business owner, you probably wouldn’t dream of doing your own taxes; it obviously pays to use a tax accountant. For many construction businesses, the same idea applies to fleet maintenance. You’ll likely get a better result, and save money, by outsourcing it to the experts.

Learn more about the maintenance services offered by United Rental’s Customer Equipment Solutions.

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