5 Construction Podcasts Worth a Listen

Learn about emerging technologies and business strategies in these binge-worthy shows.  

Do you have time to kill on your commute to work? Or do yearn for something engaging to listen to at the gym? A podcast that helps you stay on top of issues in the construction industry might be the answer.  

These five highly rated shows, which range in length, are all hosted by experts in their fields, so sit back, pop in your earbuds and enjoy.  

 ConTechCrew from JBKnowledge  

This podcast brings together a group of construction professionals and an industry insider to talk construction news and strategy for the built world. James Benham, CEO of construction software maker JBKnowledge, Rob McKinny, a construction consultant, and Jeff Sample, a construction technologist, host the program and discuss the latest technologies that are shaping the industry.  

One of the most recent and popular episodes took place at the AGC’s IT Forum Conference in Chicago, while another explored the tech you should try with Benny Baltrotsky, chief strategy officer at the construction software company eSUB.  

Most episodes run about an hour and there are more than 200 episodes available on iTunes. One reviewer wrote, “this podcast gives you a curated feed of all tech that can be used in construction...it has pointed me in the right direction dozens of times on new products.”  

The Constructrr 

Brittanie Campbell-Turner, a construction project manager and business consultant, hosts a weekly program that explores timely topics in the industry through interviews with experts. She often speaks with construction company owners and managers to discuss the latest trends in the business. In recent episodes, Campbell-Turner has discussed the influence of blockchain in the industry, cybersecurity in the built environment and transparency in the workplace. Her most popular episode tackled the wellness culture and featured Rex Miller, author of “The Healthy Workplace Nudge.” 

Episodes are as short as 16 minutes to as long as one hour. “If you want to follow the news, trends, technologies in the AEC industry, this podcast is a must-scribed one,” wrote an iTunes user who left a 5-star review.  

The Contracting Coachcast

This near-daily podcast offers tips and tools for building a successful construction business. The host, Tony Booth, is co-founder of the Builder’s Grid, a site that helps customers find subcontractors and vendors, and president of AMETA Construction Services LLC.  

The show tackles large-scale issues like improving cash flow and granular topics like pre-bid contracts. Booth’s most popular episode highlights the importance of keeping your sales team and clients fully engaged throughout the project. Another favorite gives advice on getting clients to make timely payments.   

If you like the show, check out the earlier episodes; there are 300 available on iTunes. They range between 20 and 30 minutes. “I am a foreman for a union electrical contractor…therefore not all the episodes pertain to me,” a five-star review on iTunes reads. “I use which episodes I feel will be helpful to me.”  

The Lien Zone

For construction law junkies out there, this show offers insight into navigating some of the legal challenges that face professionals in today’s market. Host Alex Barthet is a trained mechanical engineer and is board certified in construction law. Additionally, he manages his eponymous construction law firm based in Miami.  

While some episodes dive into the specifics of Florida law, most cover legal topics that would be useful to any U.S.-based business. For instance, the most popular episode explores how to check the work of your lawyer. The topics are meaty, but the weekly episodes are typically no longer than 5 minutes.  

The show launched in July 2018. Many reviewers note that Barthet makes complicated topics easy to understand.  

Tool Pros Podcast 

If a bad workman blames his tools, a good one should be using the best. The Tool Pros Podcast is a deep dive into the tools used frequently in construction trades like electricity and carpentry. Hosts Brent Ridley and Billy Knoth, who work as HVAC contractors, discuss new tools on the market, reviews and anything else that falls into the category.  

Past episodes have review hand tools like the Knipex plyer wrench and debated the differences and similarities between 12v and 18v cordless devices. One included a Q&A with the podcast’s Instagram followers. Another popular episode reviewed tools used in the carpentry trade with Austin Werrmann.  

The episodes typically run 30 minutes and new episodes are posted nearly every week. Reviewers have praised the thorough product reviews and discussions of how new technology can be used on the job.  

Emily Canal is a staff writer at Inc. Magazine and has published stories for The New York Times, Boston Globe and Forbes. 

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