Tips for Cleaning and Storing Your Power Tools

Good tools deserve good care. 

Power tools will serve you better and longer if you take good care of them. Dust and grime can affect their performance.

Here’s the basic procedure to follow:

  1. Wipe the tool clean with a rag after you’re done using it for the day.
  2. Use a heavy-duty electrical parts cleaner spray to blast away grease, oil and dirt. Wear gloves and do it in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Before you return the tool to storage, run your fingers along the cord to check for cuts, tears or frays. Using a power tool with a damaged cord could cause electrical shock or fire. It could also get you fined by OSHA. Take tools with damaged cords out of service until cords can be repaired or replaced.

In this video, Leo Garcia, tool trailer technician for United Rentals, shows you the drill, er, the procedure.  




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