Bathroom Rentals for Weddings: How to Plan for Your Wedding Porta Potties

Your guests’ comfort matters, so don’t leave your wedding porta potty rental to the last minute.

When it comes to planning for your big day, deciding on the perfect wedding porta potty probably isn’t high on your list of “can’t wait” activities. But if your wedding or reception is taking place in the great outdoors or at a venue without sufficient on-site accommodations, crossing a porta potty rental off your “I Do To-Do” list is critical.

If the words “porta potty” have you reconsidering your choice of wedding venue, hear us out. The best rental companies will ensure that your bathroom facilities are clean, presentable and appropriate for the site. United Rentals offers a variety of bathroom rentals for weddings so you can find one that fits your budget and helps make your dream wedding a success no matter the location.

Wedding porta potty rentals

Standard porta potties come in bare-bones models and, for a little extra money, models with more amenities.

Standard porta potty rental

If your budget calls for a no-frills solution, the standard portable restroom is your best bet. Easy to set up and clean, it comes with a toilet and toilet seat, a slip-resistant floor and a self-closing door and latch. Some rentals, like the wedding porta potties from United Rentals, have hand sanitizer included in the price.

Need additional hygiene stations so guests can wash or sanitize their hands whenever they wish? United Rentals offers stand-alone hand washing standsand hand sanitizers stands that can be placed throughout your venue.

Wheelchair accessible porta potty rental

Wider than a standard porta potty, the wheelchair accessible portable restroom is lower to the ground, includes three grab bars and can accommodate guests who use mobility devices and families with young children. Brides and grooms often opt for these porta potties to give guests dressed in their wedding finest a bit more room to maneuver.

Enhanced porta potty rental

A step up from the standard model, the enhanced portable restroom includes a small sink, soap and paper towels.

“It is nice to have the units with the sink inside and also have hand washing stations,” said Christa Carey, senior inside sales representative for United Rentals. “The hand washing stations can be placed near the food area so that guests can wash their hands before and after eating.”

Deluxe porta potty rental

Does the idea of a no-flush toilet remind you too much of camping? The deluxe portable restroom includes a flushable toilet as well as a urinal, a sink, soap and paper towels. An on-board tank provides water for the sink. A separate freshwater tank is available to supplement the on-board tank if you’re worried you’ll run out.

Luxury portable toilets for weddings

Prefer an upscale restroom to match your upscale event? You’ll want a restroom trailer. Available in a wide variety of sizes, with anywhere from two to 13 stations inside, they offer a touch of glamour thanks to laminate floors and lights, and they come with sinks, heating and cooling, hot and cold running water and optional ramps for wheelchair accessibility. This is a true bathroom on wheels, minus the shower.

Restroom trailers include batteries for lights, heat and AC, but they won’t last long enough for long events, so a standard residential power service hookup — anywhere from two to four 110v outlets on separate 20 amp circuits — is recommended.

If your wedding venue is truly remote, United Rentals can recommend a portable generator rental to power the trailer and even rent you a water trailer if needed.

How many wedding porta potties do I need?

According to Jerry Vecchiarelli, region product development manager for United Rentals, a good rule of thumb is one wedding porta potty for every 20 guests for an eight hour event. Don’t forget the service staff in your calculations. But if you’ll be serving food and alcohol, you may want to rent at least two. Factor in the people on your guest list — kids, adults, seniors and people with infants will have different bathroom needs.

When in doubt, said Carey, it’s better to overestimate your porta potty requirements.

“When booking a restroom trailer, for example, people will often try to go with two stalls for budget reasons when four stalls would be better for their guest count. This is not a chance you want to take. No one wants their restroom trailer maxing out on their wedding day!”

If your venue is large, consider renting multiple porta potties and placing them in strategic locations for ease of access.

What else should I consider when renting a wedding porta potty?

With wedding planning, the devil is in the details. Consider these details when it comes to your wedding porta potties.

Delivery timing

Ask your rental company exactly when your portable restrooms will be delivered. A flat tire, mechanical issue or poor weather can all contribute to delivery delays. United Rentals will deliver the rental the day before your wedding, leaving your wedding party time to do a bit of restroom decorating.

The season

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, consider opting for a restroom trailer for its HVAC system. If you’re renting porta potties in the summer, think about placing them under natural shade or tent canopies.

Delivery truck access

Trucks used to deliver portable restrooms are large and heavy. Check your venue to make sure there’s enough room for the truck to drive in and a solid, level surface for the truck to drive on.

Consider having two placement options in mind in case the first one doesn’t work out. United Rentals is happy to send a representative to assess the location and give recommendations.

If you’re hosting your event in a public space or a park, it’s a good idea to check with the local municipality about permitting or permissions requirements.

Deposits and cancellations

Budgets can change and dates can move, so work with a rental company that offers flexibility. United Rentals does not require a deposit to reserve your portable restroom and will not charge your card until 24 to 48 hours prior to delivery. In the unlikely event that you need to reschedule your big day, cancellations are permitted up to 24 hours prior to delivery.

When should I book my wedding porta potty rental?

As with most things wedding-related, booking well in advance is best. Carey recommends that that you reserve at least 90 days ahead for restroom trailers, 60 days ahead for enhanced or deluxe units and 30 days ahead for standard portable restrooms.

Contact United Rentals to plan a porta potty rental or luxury portable toilet rental for your big day.

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