5 Smartphone Apps for Construction Field Managers

It’s true what they say: There’s an app for almost everything.


It’s true what they say: There’s an app for almost everything. Check out five that act as useful tools or provide a productive way to pass a few minutes.

Air Measure

Ask contractors or supervisors who have done time in the field and they will likely tell you that despite having a pile of tape measures back in the office or at home, it's one of those items they often forget to bring to the job. That's not the case with smartphones, however, so Laan Labs has come up with an app to end those face-palm moments. Air Measure lets you use augmented reality to measure horizontal planes and heights. It includes a laser level function as well as a feature that allows the user to trace an existing floorplan. (For iPhone)

Harness Hero

Part game, part safety tool, Harness Hero lets managers and workers test their knowledge of fall protection procedures. The app, developed by Simcoach Games in association with the Master Builders Association of Western Pennsylvania and the Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania, takes users through inspections of fall protection equipment, selection of anchor points and harness setup. At the end of each round, the user is exposed to one of the app's fall scenarios and could suffer a virtual injury or fatality if he or she made a mistake. (For iPhone and Android)


Developed by AUCivil and funded by the National Asphalt Pavement Association, MultiCool predicts how fast hot-mix asphalt (HMA) pavement mat will cool. By inputting factors such as time of day, latitude, air temperature, wind speed, mix information, HMA lift thickness and soil conditions, a project manager can estimate how long it will take the roller operator to achieve proper compaction, enabling him or her to plan subsequent lifts with more accuracy. (For Android)

Construction Instruction

Construction Instruction's mobile app allows users to watch how-to instructional videos on many topics, read articles and find technical data, installation best practices and more from a catalog populated with manufacturer product and material information. (For iPhone and Android)

Ladder Safety

The angle of an extension ladder can make the difference between falling and not falling. This app, from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, has an indicator tool that uses visual, sound and vibration signals to assist the user in positioning a ladder at the optimal angle. The app also has safety checklists and other information on safe ladder use. (For iPhone and Android)

Kim Slowey is a writer who has been active in the construction industry for 25 years and is licensed as a certified general contractor in Florida. She received her BA in Mass Communications/Journalism from the University of South Florida and has experience in both commercial and residential construction.

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