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Low Emissions Jobsite White Paper

Sustainability Intro Image

As the global focus on climate change intensifies, so does the need to
embrace more sustainable construction practices. A growing number of project
owners and construction companies are seeking ways to lead the charge. One
critical goal is reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other air
pollutants on jobsites.

Manufacturers are beginning to offer the equipment needed to significantly
reduce jobsite emissions, and zero-emission jobsites are inching closer to
reality. But most construction companies struggle with where to start. In
this white paper, United Rentals outlines a four-step strategic plan to shrink
emissions without compromising productivity or safety.

Making jobsites more sustainable won’t happen overnight. Incremental
approaches, such as implementing a low- or zero-emission solution on one
part of a project or identifying one category of equipment to substitute with
lower-emission alternatives, can help companies reach emission targets
without erasing profit margins. Renting alternatively powered equipment is
an affordable way to reduce emissions without adding a capital expenditure
to the balance sheet.

Efforts to reduce jobsite emissions benefit people and the planet, as well as a
company’s reputation and ability to win business from environmentally
conscious project owners. A practical, cost-effective approach begins with data.