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Barricades & Signs for Rent

United Rentals has a wide range of signs and barricades available for rent. Whether you're planning a construction project, organizing an event or ensuring public safety, our comprehensive selection of signs and barricades has you covered.

For our full list of barricades and signs for rent, view the items below. For more information about barricades and signs, visit our resource section.

Orange and black Wanco solar powered arrow board

Zero Emissions

Cat Class Code

Arrow Board, Solar-powered

  • Each arrow board has an integrated solid-state controller that lets you choose from 7 or 12 flashing and sequential patterns, depending on the model
  • High-efficiency LEDs and maintenance-free batteries
  • Many sizes and configurations are available, including trailer, skid, and truck-mount models
  • Unit runs on energy-efficient solar power
  • Add this solar-powered arrow board to your cart
Orange Wanco solar powered Full-matrix Variable Message Sign

Zero Emissions

Cat Class Code

Full-matrix Variable Message Sign, Solar Powered

  • Includes 12 alphanumeric fonts
  • Under 3,000 lbs., can be towed by most vehicles
  • Hydraulic lift allows one person to easily raise and lower the message board
  • Tower rotates 360 degrees for optimal positioning
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White Freightliner Attenuator Truck with Traffic Arrow Board
Cat Class Code

Attenuator Truck with Traffic Arrow Board

  • Designed to save lives in your work zone
  • Intended to absorb the impact of a high- (or low-) speed crash
  • Shatterproof arrow board lights
  • Control panels inside cab to conveniently operate and deploy attenuator and arrow board
  • Uses: Ideal for commercial road work, built to absorb impact of high- or low-speed crash onsite
  • This is oversized equipment. View permit information below.
Road Marker Sign
Cat Class Code

High-intensity Reflective Marker

  • Mark dangerous roads, curbs, driveways, areas, etc. with these aluminum markers
  • Rounded corners for easy handling and a professional appearance
  • Signs have pre-punched holes to ensure a hassle-free installation
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Add this high-intensity reflective marker to your cart
Pedestrian Barriers ROS product illustration with white background
Cat Class Code

Bicycle Rack Barricade / Barriers

  • Free-standing, 4 x 8 steel barricades
  • Flat t-stands to minimize any tripping hazard
  • Crowd control or use to guide pedestrian traffic
  • Secured with interlocking hook and sleeve
  • Contact your United Rentals representative today for information
echo barrier acoustic barrier
Cat Class Code

Echo H9 Acoustic Barrier

  • Industrial applications including construction and demolition, infrastructure, towable equipment, HVAC, maintenance & utilities, mining, tunneling, energy, outdoor & indoor events
  • Lightweight and portable for quick & easy installation, unlike heavy blankets that may contain hazardous materials like fiberglass and rockwool
  • Weatherproof/Industrial durability - Does NOT absorb water
  • Reflective strips to aid night time visibility
  • Keep Barriers at ground-level or create sound walls multiple storeys high
  • Add Echo Barriers to available & local generators and pumps to achieve equal and potentially greater dB reduction than Sound Attenuation packages
  • Use Barriers with concrete, water-fill & traffic barricades to prevent equipment tampering
  • Barriers mitigate dust and light pollution more effectively than privacy screen
  • Barriers ensure a positive, professional & clean image for your job site
Traffic Cone
Cat Class Code

Construction Traffic Cone, 18 in.

  • Orange-color recognized traffic cone in highway projects and roadwork
  • Ideal to mark temporary traffic control zones
  • All-vinyl construction for greater durability and flexibility
  • High-density base provides a lower center of gravity for maximum stability and less tipping
  • Add this construction traffic cone to your cart
10 foot concrete barrier wall
Cat Class Code

Concrete Jersey (K-rail) Barrier Wall, 10 ft.

  • Utility barrier standard for perimeter security
  • Designed for highway traffic, these cement dividers serve to protect from vehicular impact
  • Extremely durable with reinforced welded cages for even more strength
  • Forklift knockouts for easier placement
  • Request information about this 10' concrete jersey (k-rail) barrier
Concrete Barrier Wall
Cat Class Code

Concrete Jersey (K-rail) Barrier Wall, 20 ft.

  • Utility barrier standard for perimeter security
  • Designed for highway traffic, these cement dividers serve to protect from vehicular impact
  • Extremely durable with reinforced welded cages for even more strength
  • Forklift knockouts for easier placement
  • Request information about this 20' concrete jersey (k-rail) barrier
Water Fill Barrier Wall
Cat Class Code

Barrier Wall End, 5 ft., Water Fill

  • Water fill option
  • Durable for indoor or outdoor events
  • Bright orange color makes is highly visble
  • 5' length
  • Uses: Ideal for creating boundaries at social events
  • Add this barrier wall end to your cart now
Water Fill Barrier Wall
Cat Class Code

Plastic Barrier Wall, 6 ft. Water Fill

  • Wall is 6' long, 18" wide and 32" tall
  • Water-filled barriers weigh approx. 1,100 lbs. filled with water
  • Forklift/pallet jack slots at bottom allow for easy movement and transport
  • Includes one steel connection pin that allows sections to be locked together
  • Add this plastic barrier wall to your cart
Barrier Wall Lifting Device
Cat Class Code

Barrier Wall Lift, 9,000 lbs.

  • 9,000 lb. capacity
  • Vertical lifting clamp
  • Handles 10-16' wall length
  • 6-12" grip range
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FAQs About Barricades & Signs

Being able to communicate messages and clearly direct traffic is essential in work and event spaces. Whether you’re doing road construction or municipal projects under or near roadways, United Rentals has all the traffic control signs for rent to help your crew get the job done safely. From solar-powered arrow boards for directional signage to message boards with high-output LEDs to display clear traffic warnings, our inventory of lit signage will keep traffic flowing safely around your jobsite. We also offer durable barricade options to assist with crowd control for highly trafficked events. Choose from our rentals today. 

Learn more about barricades and signs in our FAQ section below.

What is a message board?

A message board is a large electronic display used to inform foot or vehicle traffic of an important safety notification or update relevant to a specific area of travel. They are usually visible from the street or highway. These signs are generally positioned on the shoulder of a road or highway or attached to bridges over highways for clear visibility.

What is an arrow board?

Much like a message board, an arrow board is a large electronic sign that displays directional arrows informing drivers of a change or shift in direction regarding the flow of traffic. They’re commonly used to redirect drivers to detour routes or inform drivers of a lane drop on the road through a work zone. These signs are usually positioned on the shoulder of a road and are sometimes found in the median.

When would I need a message board?

A message board becomes necessary when important information needs to be conveyed to vehicle or foot traffic to ensure safe passage through a particular area.