Technology NEW ARTICLE!

How Construction Sites are Becoming More Collaborative

Traditionally, the construction industry employed a design-bid-build formula for projects; but we're seeing an increasingly collaborative project delivery approach take hold of the construction world.  

Fleet Management NEW ARTICLE!

When Should Weekend Warriors Buy Tools and Equipment Vs. Renting?

Even if you’re not watching your budget (unlikely these days), there are still times when renting makes more sense.

Workforce NEW ARTICLE!

The Importance of an OSHA Certification

Many times, the mention of OSHA provokes a negative response. However, OSHA has the purpose of improving safety and reducing health hazards in the workplace.


Protecting Construction Crews from Heat Illness

Heat illness is no joke. Make sure you’re doing your part to prevent it. 


Is the WELL Building Standard the LEED of Tomorrow?

LEED certification keeps the planet in mind, but WELL puts building occupants front and center.