3 Innovative Tech Strategies for Preventing Accidents in 2017

It’s no secret construction is one of the most dangerous industries. In 2015, the private construction industry incurred approximately 200,000 non-fatal injuries and 937 fatal injuries according to the U.S.


Latest Ways to Repair Potholes

Everyone hates potholes. Drivers can make dangerous, sudden moves to avoid them. If a street is really loaded with potholes, they slow down traffic.

Fleet Management

Project Security: How to Keep Your Site Safe around the Clock

Construction jobsite theft totals some $1 billion annually, according to National Equipment Register. And that doesn’t include costs of business interruption, such as project delay penalties and wasted workforce time.


Recruiting for Millennials in Construction: What You Need to Know

Buildings are going up despite the shortage of skilled labor in the construction industry. But the shortage is critical enough that it’s slowing down some projects, especially in residential construction.


How to Evacuate a Construction Site Quickly

The Challenge: Evacuating the site quickly in an organized fashion to avoid injury and property damage.