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San Antonio, TX — November 11-13, 2019

Total Control & Innovation Conference

Register for the 2019 Total Control & Innovation Conference

Register for the 2019 Total Control & Innovation Conference

From worksite insight to work-ready tech

Change is daunting.

As the adoption of digital ecosystems picks up pace, you, your team and your modern worksite could be at risk if you continue to operate “how it’s always been done.”

United Rentals makes it easy to bring innovative digital tools to complex worksites for unprecedented financial and operational efficiencies.

At the 2019 Total Control & Innovation Conference, join other industry leaders in understanding the power of the digital ecosystem for the benefit of your worksite. Learn about innovative digital solutions for your entire operation, from your front loaders to your back office and everything in between. Hear from experts on digital worksite best-practices; see first-hand how having digital technology and actionable data at your fingertips optimizes your fleet and bolsters your bottom line —  all while ensuring the safety of your workers.

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2019 Total Control and Innovation Conference Agenda

Join us and other industry leaders in San Antonio, Texas, where you'll learn to leverage the power of the digital ecosystem to make your worksite better.

Nov. 11

  • Opening Reception, Honoring Veterans Day
  • Innovation Exhibition Opens

Nov. 12

  • General Session and Keynote
  • Workshops
  • Innovation Exhibition
  • Evening Networking at Knibbe Ranch

Enjoy an authentic, working experience at Knibbe Ranch in nearby Spring Branch, Texas, on Nov. 12. Good food, good music and a unique environment to network with industry peers.

Nov. 13

  • Workshops
  • Closing Session Ends at Noon


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2018 Total Control Conference

Event Recap

The 2018 Total Control Conference was a success, with like-minded leaders coming together to drive productivity in our industries. Watch how the event unfolded, and get a glimpse at what to expect for 2019.

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"[I attended] the opening session today, and the productivity session just now, and I have a list of probably thirty takeaways already."
- Bob Gearhart, Western Specialty Contractors