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Storage Containers for

Training Applications

SCMO Firebox

Providing secure training space for agencies that require safe structures to replicate high-stress situations.

United Rentals storage containers have various uses throughout different industries, but their use in emergency-response training is often overlooked. Our containers can easily be customized and redesigned to serve as fire training structures and first-responder training facilities for practice drills. Choosing shipping containers for these structures is a simple way to cut down on the cost of construction without sacrificing durability.


What United Rentals Offers

United Rentals is your one-stop shop for storage container training facilities

Firebox Complexes

United Rentals conex boxes are excellent for use as firebox complexes and firemen towers. These fire training structures offer an investment in firefighter safety by providing fire scenarios and challenges while allowing firefighters to train in safe, near real-life conditions. These containers offer a versatile environment, from realistic fire training props to unique or specialized environments such as multi-floor fire training. Multiple access doors and interior and exterior stairways allow for numerous scenarios and escape plans. Available in various sizes, these fire training buildings can be customized to your exact needs.

Tactical Training Structures

United Rentals Storage Containers can be used as emergency-response training facilities for law enforcement, paramedics and military professionals to train in various safe, simulated real-life scenarios. The use of shipping containers as tactical training systems is gaining popularity due to their strength, durability, availability, use case versatility and relatively low cost. We can customize these training buildings with multiple stories, rooms, staircases, balconies and more to fit your instructional needs.


Custom Training Facilities for First Responders

Explore some of our recent training application success stories

Live-Fire Training Facility

Problem: This customer required a one-story live fire training facility to simulate an average home. The fire department wanted to use a shipping container complex, as these facilities allow firefighters to better train in real-life scenarios with the necessary safety guards in place. The use of containers as fire training buildings has gained wide acceptance in the fire service industry because these structures are both customizable and economical. Thanks to their versatility, we can fabricate these conex fireman tower structures to meet the customer’s unique training needs. Building with shipping containers also means the design can easily grow over time.

Solution: Our team put together a facility consisting of three shipping containers fused together. Internally the structure simulates an average home with walls, doors and windows. Check out our floor plan below for specifications on this fire training building.

Law Enforcement Training

Problem: The Allen County Sheriff's department in Fort Wayne, Indiana, needed a budget-friendly training facility for their law enforcement officers.

Solution: The team constructed a total of three structures using custom storage containers. Most recently, we completed a two-story structure set up as a mock residential space made up of two modified 20-foot and three 40-foot storage containers, with a total of 1,360 square feet of training space. This structure features three bedrooms with closets, a kitchen, bathrooms, a living room, a dining room and a garage. It was built with an internal staircase, an outdoor second-story balcony, windows and interior and exterior doors. This training facility will be used in hostage simulation training, providing the departments with a safe and realistic place to train. The structure was cost-efficient and could easily be moved or modified to meet the customer's future needs.


Storage Container Solutions

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