Power & HVAC Products

United Rentals provides a wide range of custom and turnkey Power & HVAC equipment for rent, for projects of any size. Our power and climate control solutions help jobsites, businesses and municipalities with a range of temporary power and heating/cooling needs.

PHVAC products

Power Generation

Our extensive line of reliable, efficient and silent diesel generators feature mountable-to-highway legal trailers, 24-hours+ full load run times, soundproofed engine enclosure and environmental containment on request.


Power Distribution

Our rugged, weatherproof inventory of panel boxes, cables, transformers and substations are all designed for safe and easy installation through industry-standard connectors.


Load Banks/Electrical Testing

Our portable load banks are lightweight, self-contained units that include controls, meters, resistors or reactors and cooling fans, providing reliable testing for generators and reducing problems in diesel engine systems.



Temperature Control

Our flexible and advanced mobile chillers, portable air conditioners and chilled water air handlers are designed with a compact footprint to remain unobtrusive and quiet, on low decibel levels.

Cooling Towers

We offer the largest portable cooling towers available anywhere in the world with individual units ranging from 500 tons to 3000 tons. The BSS–2000 and BSS-3000 models provide state of the art cooling tower technology in uniquely portable packages, and are both towable with standard tractor-trailer rigs. With the capability to process up to 10,000gpm of cooling water, these units can be used as stand-alone solutions, or as a part of multi-unit configurations to meet virtually any cooling water demand.

Dehumidification/Air Filtration

Our desiccant dehumidifiers prevent condensation and corrosion, promote speed drying of materials and structures, and provide proper air filtration, allowing you to return workplaces to operating condition quickly and efficiently.



We have the largest fleet of vehicles and onsite technical staff to engineer, execute and maintain custom projects from start to finish, providing comprehensive solutions ranging from power generation and distribution to climate cooling and fueling needs.



Our experience utilizing portable Power & HVAC equipment -- chillers, air handlers, industrial air conditioners, electric heaters, fuel-fired heaters and dehumidifiers -- combined with the resources to transport, install and maintain rentals across North America, provide unmatched turnkey solutions for customers.


Commercial & Industrial

Our specialty equipment and technical expertise combine to keep your commercial and industrial operations running at peak performance, with 24/7 service, onsite support and advanced solutions to meet your toughest power and climate control challenges.


Emergency Response

We’re ready to deploy 2,500 vehicles to transport equipment at a moment’s notice, along with knowledgeable teams and technical solutions to stabilize any situation and get all systems back to go, quickly and safely.


Contingency Planning

Our power and climate control experts help you plan for the unplanned, so that you always have the necessary backup equipment in place and ready to go in the event of extreme weather, unforeseen accidents or catastrophic failures.


Live Events

We do live right. Whether it’s sporting or music events, trade shows or festivals, we mobilize equipment from store locations across the country and provide experienced onsite technical support to build out safe and successful productions.


Onsite Fueling

We offer an extensive fleet of portable UL-rated double wall fuel tanks -- either stand alone with on-board pumps or direct feeds into your fuel driven assets -- plus cost-saving opportunities to purchase fuel in bulk from refining ‘racks’ accessed through our multiple fuel suppliers.