Power Distribution

Power distribution solutions for short or long term job site power needs come in a variety of equipment packages - from Load Banks, Utility Transformers (Mill Panels), I-Line Panels, Substations, Transformers or a combination of equipment. Power and HVAC specialists assess your power distribution requirements to implement the equipment solution to help you get the job done.

Distribution Panels

A variety of distribution panels are available at varying input voltages for safe distribution to electric powered equipment on industrial and commercial jobs.  I-Line and Utility Transformers are available from 120 – 600 Volt electrical pressure capacities.  All distribution panels come with standard NEMA 3 rated enclosures for safe power distribution in indoor and outdoor environments.

I-Line Panel Boxes

I-Line and Distribution panels safely distribute power for multiple breakers and power loads from a single source.  All panel boxes are NEMA 3 rated for outdoor use and come in single or 3 phase styles with electrical pressure capacities ranging from 120-600 Volts

Utility Transformers

Also referred to as Mill Panels, utility transformers convert 480 – 575 Volt inputs into usable, 120 – 240 Volt outputs for a variety of power needs.  Mill Panels come with standard NEMA 3 weatherproof enclosures and circuit breaker protection.

Transformers & Substations


Step and isolation style transformers are equipped with forklift pockets and lifting eyes for easy jobsite mobilization.  Single and 3-phase models are available with input voltage capacities ranging from 120 - 13,800 volts and apparent power capacities ranging from 15-1,500 kVA.


Substations are available for larger electrical input pressure requirements up to 13,200 volts.  With apparent power capacity of 3,000 kVA, output capacities of 480 Volts/3612 Amp, 3 phase substations are designed per the job requirement.

Load Banks

Load Banks

Portable Load Banks include controls, meters, resistors or reactors, and cooling fans.  Resistive load banks range from 100kw – 5000kW in standard voltages and up to 3750 kVar resistive/reactive load banks.