Load Banks

When standby power systems require commissioning, maintenance, or periodic testing, United Rentals offers comprehensive load bank solutions that help complete projects with confidence.

United Rentals makes your power testing projects easier and more efficient than ever. Built on years of listening and learning your business, we deliver start-to-finish load bank solutions that eliminate the “typical” pains of equipment rentals. Our expertly maintained load banks, our cleaned and phase-taped power cables, and a ready-on-arrival pick-up commitment, all serve to maximize your technicians’ billable hours. Then combined with our need-based kW billing, common sense logistic courtesies (prior day pickups or next day returns), and our passion for safety, we deliver customer experiences that can transform your business goals into achievements.



• Rack-mounted (data center) to 6MVA trailer-mounted load banks
• Resistive, inductive, and capacitive.
• Remote control and networkable models available
• Proper cable count, phase-taping, and termination type for tails
• Various cable lengths and gauges to minimize labor
• Expertly maintained, dependable equipment
• Pick-up and delivery service
• 24 x 7 technical troubleshooting from a trained UR professional
• Flexible billing and return times, including late night and next morning
• Need-based kW billing