Climate Solutions for Products, Processes and People

When it comes to providing temporary cooling, heating, humidity control and air quality for any type of manufacturing facility or warehouse space, United Rentals Climate Solutions has portable air conditioners, evaporative coolers, heaters, dehumidifiers and air scrubbing equipment available for rental.

Whether there is a need to heat an entire production floor or to provide spot cooling to increase employee productivity and heat safety, our seasoned industry experts will provide efficient and effective solutions for the most simple or complex climate problems.

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Portable Cooling Products

United Rentals Climate Solutions offers 1-5 ton spot coolers, 5 and 12-ton mobile air conditioners with generator power if needed, and evaporative coolers. These products are perfect if there is a need to provide concentrated cooling in a particular area, whole facility temperature control or comfort cooling on a conscientious budget.


Extreme Warehouse Heat? No Problem

A shipping warehouse manager had a problem with excessive heat in his warehouse during the hot summer months due to the facility not having any type of permanent climate control system. The heat was slowing down the productivity of his workers. The city also had mandated that all non-climate controlled facilities must provide cooling stations in order to mitigate the potential for heat stress injuries to employees.

The manager reached out to an expert from United Rentals Climate Solutions for some help with the heat dilemma. Providing cooling for the entire warehouse was not a cost-effective proposition. United Rentals Climate Solutions team suggested placing (4) 36” inch evaporative coolers strategically in the most highly utilized areas of the warehouse as an efficient and cost-effective alternative. Not only would these units provide a productivity and morale boost to the employees, they also satisfied the cooling station requirement from the city.

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