Climate Support Services for the Construction Industry

In the fast-paced construction industry, time is money. So getting the most production from your work crews is critical. United Rentals Climate Solutions has the equipment and expertise necessary to help increase productivity on your jobsite. We understand the construction industry and provide custom climate services ranging from lowering or raising seasonal temperatures to providing drying solutions to increase curing times.

Our team, backed by decades of successful performance, is here to provide your site with a customer climate solution to keep your project on track and within budget.

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Temporary Cooling and Power

Maximizing workforce productivity is an increasingly important component of cost management. Providing a climate controlled environment not only keeps the team happy, it can increase daily productivity as well. So whether a small space or a larger jobsite, United Rentals carries a range of temporary cooling and power rental solutions. From 1-ton spot coolers up to 12-ton units that will fit through a standard doorway, evaporative coolers, and generator power with distribution, we're focused on keeping your team cool and your jobsite productive.

Temporary Heat


Keeping a Construction Project Dry

A large general contractor was involved in a remodel project where there was going to be a large amount of original wood framing exposed throughout the duration of the build. Due to the potential for extremely humid conditions, the contractor needed to have the ability to keep the exposed area dry and free from moisture. In addition, even though the area is protected from the elements, there was also a need to be able to dry the area out quickly and effectively in the event of leakage due to of a rain storm.

Representatives from United Rental Climate Solutions and Power HVAC were called in to asses the situation and provide an effective solution. It was determined due to the size of the area that Climate would deliver (25) LGR Dehumidifiers to be placed strategically throughout the space to provide drying power. Each LGR would be coupled with (2) 3 speed air movers to help circulate air inside the space in order to maintain even drying across the project. Power was supplied by a generator and distribution boxes provided by UR Power HVAC.

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