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Data center
Power & HVAC Case Study

Streamlined equipment rental operations across 12+ contractors

Onsite United Rentals Branch Facilitates Data Center Build

Large, multi-year, multi-contractor data center builds are becoming more common but not less complicated. Issues around equipment availability, servicing and billing add unnecessary speedbumps on the road to project completion.

A large client working in concert with a general contractor needed an equipment vendor to support a 10+ year data center build. The goal: Streamline equipment rental operations across more than 12 contractors while providing temporary assets ranging from scissor lifts and dirt equipment to generators, heaters, job trailers and portable restrooms.

Without a single-source supplier for rental equipment, the client and GC risked expensive project delays caused by lack of equipment availability. Additional risks posed by large, multi-contractor projects include steep cost overruns from mismanaged rentals and billing issues resulting from multiple vendors utilizing different services to create and process invoices.

United Rentals rose to the challenge and provided an innovative solution: an onsite United Rentals branch, stocked with every necessary product.

Data center builds are hard enough without the challenges of equipment sourcing, equipment downtime and billing headaches.

– TJ Burns, United Rentals

Unfettered equipment access for all contractors

The onsite branch allowed unfettered access to equipment for all of the project’s contractors. Equipment was geofenced and tagged so it could be checked out and placed on rent to a specific contractor as easily as scanning a barcode.

The setup allowed work to proceed without the need to wait for equipment deliveries or for the appropriate personnel to handle the rental administration. The GC and Procurement saved time with a line of sight to available equipment and cost.

Service and repair on site

To alleviate concerns about equipment reliability, United Rentals took the bold step of purchasing new equipment specifically for this project. In addition, it built a large service facility on the property to expedite equipment maintenance and repair. United Rentals staff were certified to work on site and provided around-the-clock monitoring of equipment. Necessary repairs could take place immediately, and routine preventative maintenance was performed during off hours to avoid impact to productivity.

Billing flexibility

Billing flexibility on behalf of United Rentals allowed a monthly billing program that eliminated confusion over invoicing between contractors. United Rentals provided a bill to the GC that identified what equipment was rented and to which contractor. As a result, the GC was able to break out the amount owed and bill each contractor the appropriate amount.

Streamlined account management

Integration with United Rentals’ worksite management solution Total Control streamlined account management and enabled improved consumption management. Visibility into utilization metrics allowed the GC to identify and return unused and underused equipment, significantly lowering the total equipment spend. Total Control flagged rentals approaching their budgeted due date and provided access to leniency windows for rental returns, which led to further savings.

Onsite expertise

Local representatives from each United Rentals business unit, from Tools to Power to Trench Safety, provided onsite expertise for complex lines of business, helping ensure the customer ordered the right size of equipment. These experts also provided on-the-spot technical assistance and support.

Data center builds are hard enough without the challenges of equipment sourcing, equipment downtime and billing headaches. United Rentals is committed to helping customers streamline their rental processes and create efficiencies so they can keep their projects on track and their focus on what’s next.