Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers remove fumes, airborne dust, VOCs, odors and chemical vapors to provide clean air to any process. Single and dual speed air scrubbers remove up to 99.97 % of impurities, filtering air with purity up to 0.3 microns, exceeding IEST-RP-CC01.3 requirements. HEPA or carbon filtered air scrubber systems provide negative air control, allowing you to control the spread of dust and contaminants throughout your system.

In addition to offering single speed and dual speed air scrubbers, we offer a large inventory of flex duct, electrical cable, diesel generators, and I-Line breaker panels to complete your air management system and help you get the job done.

Single and Two Speed Air Scrubbers

Single Speed Air Scrubber

One Speed Air Scrubbers stream 4,400 CFM of air and are capable of facilitating up to 6 complete air cycles inside 44,000 cubic feet.  Dual filter chambers facilitate streamlined air filtration, and 20 inch duct ports allow for optional duct installation.  Single Speed Air Scrubbers are ETL listed and approved and are electric powered – requiring 220 volt, 30 amp hookups

Two Speed Air Scrubber

Two Speed Air Scrubbers stream 1,250 or 2,250 CFM of air and are capable of facilitating up to 6 complete air cycles within 22,500 cubic feet.  With vertical or horizontal operation and 12 inch optional duct ports for ducting installation, these easy set up units are built to adjust easily to the job requirement. Electric driven 115 Volt, 15 amp hookups, filter change indicators, built-in thermostats, and overheat protection make these 2-Speed Air Scrubbers a flexible equipment option for a wide range of applications.  Remote thermostats are also available on these versatile units.