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An aging energy grid is subject to outages - planned an unplanned - due to maintenance, overloads and severe weather. And with an attempt to modernize the grid with renewable and other technology integration, the substation system is undergoing a transformation of its own. 

For high-pressure, complex projects, United Rentals is a one-stop partner with the right equipment and expertise to get the job done. Our robust fleet includes a variety of rough terrain lifts, generators, compressors and more - all at your fingertips. 

With the fleet and the know-how, we’re ready when you are.

Substation Solutions

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Safety is our number one priority and that translates to each and every substation project, especially when it comes to properly grounding equipment.

Customized Solutions

Whether our customers need temporary equipment or backup power, we have the right fleet and solutions. 

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Track, manage and strategize with the intelligent insights from a suite of digital tools. 

Industry Expertise

Backed by a team of experts and years of industry knowledge, we’re ready to find the right solution for your substation needs. 

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How to Assess a Temporary Substation

An equipment provider with a large fleet and experienced engineers can customize a safe, cost-effective system.


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Total Control®

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Temporary Substation Solution Provides Power During Plant Outage

Temporary Substation Solution Provides Power During Plant Outage

Customer challenge

A major petrochemical plant was performing switchgear maintenance on a plant substation during their summer outage. The substation provides power to two critical areas: the main product pump circulation system and the plant fire pump system.

Keeping the product pumps operational was essential. Without these pumps, the product would harden in the pipes, leading to a major outage and shutdown to clean them. Maintaining the prime power feed to the fire pump system was also imperative, as the fire pump system is one of the most critical safety systems in a chemical plant.

United Rentals Power and HVAC solution

Due to site requirements, the length of the electrical outage for connection could not exceed 30 minutes. This made a single medium voltage tie-in the only logistically possible solution.

Leveraging its access to a broad range of components and in-house engineering expertise, United Rentals developed a custom temporary substation package that satisfied the continuous prime power load requirements while also providing the redundancy that was necessary due to the critical nature of the substation. The package included 3 MW of paralleled temporary power as well as a transformer, amp secondary disconnect, amp LV disconnect and cabling. United Rentals also provided onsite technical support.

The system was assembled and tested prior to mobilization to ensure it would provide a 30-minute changeover once on site.


The temporary substation ran 24/7 for 10 days with zero maintenance issues, which allowed the product to continue circulating during the outage. The system design saved the plant time and money because once it was placed on site, the customer’s electrical team needed only to make the 3 MV cable connections to their bus.


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Whether you need temporary or fixed solutions, United Rentals has what it takes to get the job done. We have robust fleet backed by a team of industry experts so no job is too big or too complex.

As utilities work to meet demands of an ever-evolving grid and network, we’re here to help.

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