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Total Control®

Rent only what you need, when you need it. Our innovative consumption management processes help you reduce overall costs by optimizing the amount, length and utilization of equipment on rent.

Manage Your Fleet

Total Control® helps you track your entire fleet in real-time and transform your job site through greater visibility and accountability. Get started with the cutting edge in equipment management technology today to rent less and do more.

  • Clearly see all of your rented or owned equipment on multiple job sites.
  • Pinpoint the exact locations of all GPS-capable equipment on site.
  • Streamline on and off renting and billing processes.
  • Cut through paperwork with a highly accurate, paperless system.
  • Stay on top of action items with business alerts.

Deliver Top Performance

Make the best use of your equipment and cut down-time by accomplishing tasks faster and more effectively.

  • Increase the efficiency of equipment use with activity reports.
  • Stay proactively informed, based on business rules that you determine.
  • Analyze key performance indicators and other statistics at a glance.
  • Reduce time spent looking for equipment due to a lack of visibility.
  • Access the information you need anytime, anywhere.

Measure Profitable Results

Total Control can help you cut your annual rental costs by up to a third. Customer results show that reducing consumption can deliver as much as six times greater savings than price reduction.

  • Prioritize the use of owned equipment before renting additional items.
  • Prevent extra rental days and costs on unused equipment.
  • Split costs between different jobs for better budget tracking.
  • Audit and reduce rental expenses and transaction costs to save more.

Existing Users

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