BakerCorp (275)

United Rentals stocks an extensive inventory of BakerCorp pumps for sale for wastewater treatment, chemical processing and more. BakerCorp has long been an industry leader in containment, pumping and filtration equipment, and now you can choose from our wide array of used Baker pumps at a lower than market price. United Rentals also offers low-interest financing and our patented United Guard Warranty on many of our Baker pumps so that you can buy with confidence. We have portable trailer-mounted pumps, centrifugal pumps and other heavy-duty Baker pumps. Request information on any of the pumps below, and a United Rentals representative can ensure you find the right pump for your needs. 

FAQs About BakerCorp Equipment for Sale

Are centrifugal pumps variable speed?

  • While most centrifugal pumps operate at fixed speeds, concerns over energy use have led to more widespread use of variable-speed systems in centrifugal pumps. Our experts at United Rentals have helped customers choose the right equipment for their needs for years, so if you have any questions about our Baker pumps for sale, please reach out to one of our representatives.

What are the most common reasons for pump failure?

  • Two of the most common reasons for pump failure are mechanical seal leakage and impeller wear. Mechanical seal leakage often occurs due to improperly dry running, thermal distortion or misalignment of seal rings. Impeller wear and tear can be caused by erosion and friction over time or an improperly sized pump. United Rentals fully maintains and services all our used pumps for sale to help prevent any pump failures from occurring.

Which pumps can I run dry?

  • Typically, diaphragm pumps, piston pumps and peristaltic pumps can handle running dry, while centrifugal, rotary vane and gear pumps cannot. There are, of course, some exceptions to this. As a rule of thumb, we always encourage operators to carefully consult the owner’s manual before running any pump dry.