Trucks for Sale (432)

United Rentals is a top supplier of used commercial trucks for sale. We offer a variety of different types including dump trucks, flatbed trucks, stake bed trucks, water trucks, pickup trucks and passenger vehicles. Choose vehicle options from brands like Ford, Dodge, International and several others. With a wide range of pricing options, we offer trucks to suit all budgets. Whether you need to move tools and equipment, supply an arid environment with water or carry passengers between locations, United Rentals has a commercial truck for sale to suit your specific needs. Browse our fleet of vehicles below and enhance your transportation experience today.

FAQs About Trucks for Sale

Is a pickup truck a commercial vehicle?

  • Not necessarily. Different states have their own definitions and regulations pertaining to commercial vehicles. One constant element of the definition is that commercial vehicles are used to support business transactions.

How much does it cost to register a commercial truck?

  • The cost will vary from state to state. We encourage you to consult with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or vehicle and transportation authorities to learn more about specific requirements regarding commercial registration.

Do you need commercial vehicle insurance to drive a truck?

  • Yes. Types of insurance coverage will vary depending on the state; however, it is mandatory to have your commercial vehicle insured.