Trailers for Sale (336)

United Rentals has a wide variety of equipment trailers for sale around the country. Explore our extensive inventory of used utility trailers for sale, including tilt trailers and water trailers. Our trailers come in many sizes and lengths from top manufacturers like Towmaster and Anderson. Whether you need a heavy equipment trailer for sale or you’re looking for a simple used utility trailer for sale in your area, United Rentals has a large selection of trailers to meet your needs.

Filter your search by price, manufacturer and year for quick results. If you have questions about a certain piece of equipment, fill out an inquiry, and one of our team members will reach out to you with more information about the trailer.

FAQs About Trailers for Sale

Do utility trailers need titles and insurance?

  • Title and registration requirements for trailers vary by state, so be sure to check your state DMV website for more information. As a general rule, the majority of states do require a title and registration for your trailer. For insurance, most liability insurance for trailers is already covered by the auto policy for the towing vehicle, but it’s best to double check your insurance policy to make sure this is true for your specific circumstances.

Do utility trailers need plates and lights?

  • For license plates, you should go to your state DMV website to check regulations regarding license plates for utility or equipment vehicles. Some states do require license plates for trailers and some may not. While license plate requirements vary, lights are required in every state for trailers of all sizes. You must have rear lights, turn signal lights, stop lamps and hazard lights on your trailer.

How does a tilt trailer work?

  • First, determine if your tilt trailer is hydraulic or sliding. A hydraulic tilt trailer uses a hydraulic system to lift the trailer at an incline for easy equipment loading. A sliding tilt trailer uses a lever to release the sliding ramp on a hinge to tilt at an angle. Once it rolls to the correct position, you lock it in place and begin loading your equipment.