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1/2-Ton Pickup Trucks for Sale (162)

United Rentals offers high-quality half-ton pickup trucks to meet the demanding needs of your project. Suited for everything from material transport to crew mobilization, our inventory includes popular brands like Ford and Chevrolet, promising reliability and endurance on rugged jobsites.

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FAQs About 1/2-Ton Pickup Trucks

Find power and precision in our selection of half-ton pickup trucks for sale, with options boasting crew cabs for team travel and four-wheel-drive options for challenging terrain. Known for their robust nature and versatility, these half-ton trucks have become synonymous with dependability. Our diverse inventory includes various configurations — from the basic crew cab two-wheel-drive models, perfectly suited for urban construction endeavors, to the luxurious crew cabs designed to deliver top-tier comfort. United Rentals is dedicated to providing you with half-ton trucks for sale that are meticulously maintained and prepared to conquer any task at hand.

Learn more about our half-ton pickup trucks for sale in our FAQs below.

What makes a half-ton pickup truck the ideal choice for construction work?

Half-ton pickup trucks are engineered to balance substantial payload capacity with maneuverability, making them perfect for various construction-related applications. Typically equipped with features such as spacious cargo beds, these trucks can transport materials, tools and supplies with ease. Their durable design ensures they can handle the rigors of a construction site, while the various cab configurations available allow crew members to travel together, optimizing logistics and work efficiency.

How does a half-ton truck's range and fuel type affect my operation?

When selecting a half-ton truck, considering the range and fuel type is important. For example, electric half-ton trucks have an extended range, providing dual benefits of sustainability and reduced operational costs due to lower fuel consumption and maintenance requirements. Trucks with a conventional fuel engine are ideal for continuous use, especially in areas where charging infrastructure may not be readily available. Choosing the right balance based on your typical worksite distance and access to charging or refueling stations is critical for uninterrupted work progress.

Why should I consider buying used trucks from United Rentals?

Purchasing used equipment from reputable sources, like United Rentals, ensures that you buy a vehicle that has been rigorously maintained and serviced to uphold quality and performance. These trucks come with full service histories, giving you peace of mind regarding their reliability. Furthermore, buying used extends the lifespan of existing equipment, reflecting your commitment to sustainability and responsible resource use.

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