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Ground-Level Offices for Sale (28)

United Rentals stocks an extensive fleet of ground level office containers for sale in various sizes and configurations. These repurposed shipping containers are leveled on the ground for greater stability and safety for your project and can be easily moved with a forklift. Depending on the unit, these ground level offices come equipped with useful features and hookups like electrical outlets, overhead lighting and turbines. Some may even come with finished restrooms. Please browse our offerings below to find the right ground level office for you.

FAQs About Ground Level Offices for Sale

What is a ground level office?

  • A ground level office (GLO) is a mobile, temporary workspace constructed from a converted shipping container. They can be easily transported and customized with features like overhead lighting, power vents, electrical outlets and more to best fit the needs of any application.

What is the difference between office trailers and ground level offices?

  • While office trailers are towed by trucks because they are permanently attached to a chassis. A ground level office could technically be mounted on a chassis, however, typically a crane, specialized forklift or tilt bed truck is required to deliver ground level offices on-site.

How can I prepare my site for a ground level office?

  • First and foremost, ensure the site is level and solid, like a concrete, gravel or stone-paved surface. We also recommend clearing the drop-off area of all obstructions such as vegetation, overhead tree branches, debris and other obstacles. There will need to be enough clear space for the truck or other vehicle to drop off your ground level office (GLO). If you intend to hook your GLO to a water or electric source, parking it near these sources is also something to consider. For more information on preparing your site for a storage container or GLO delivery, check out our article on Shipping Container Delivery or contact your local United Rentals representative.
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