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United Rentals offers an extensive selection of pump accessories for sale. Our inventory is packed with high-performance products designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your pumping systems.

For our full list of pump accessories, view the items below. For more information about pump accessories, visit our resource section.



FAQs About Pump Accessories

When working on a dewatering project, United Rentals pump accessories for sale can help pump water out of pits, tanks and reservoirs. Our pump accessories will make it easier to pump water into storage on-site or at any facility you need. United Rentals sells industrial pump accessories to outfit and finish your fluid applications. Our experts can assist you in selecting the right equipment for your pumping needs, as well as help you install and learn how to use it. See pump accessories available for sale above. United Rentals carries pump accessories to customize your fluid equipment for the job at hand. Request information on the products above to learn more details.

Learn more about our pump accessories in our FAQ section below.

What accessories do I need for a dewatering pump?

Accessories needed for a dewatering pump include hoses, connectors and couplings that connect the water pump to the stationary or semi-stationary object. You may also need such accessories as nozzles, valves and check valves. Contact your local United Rentals representative for more information on which accessories you need for your specific system design.

What are the accessories you need for a trash pump?

Accessories you need for a trash pump include hoses, couplings, swivel connectors and other fittings that connect the hose to a stationary or semi-stationary object. You may also need a suction and discharge hose and any other accessories required by your system's design.