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While we don’t have that available right now — a few changes in your filters and preferences could help us locate the equipment you need. Or if you prefer, feel free to reach out to our expert Sales Team for assistance by filling out this contact form.

United Rentals has the hoses, pipes and fittings you need for your fluid applications. We carry flanged hoses, tank truck hoses with camlock or hammer union fittings, pipe hoses, pipe plugs and 4-way hydraulic manifolds. United Rentals' selection of hoses and fittings for sale can complete your pump and filtration systems for the task at hand.

FAQs About Hose, Pipe and Fittings for Sale

What is a water check valve?

  • A check valve is a one-way valve through which the flow may pass freely one way, but if the flow changes direction, the valve will close to protect the pipes, other valves and pumps from backflow.

What is a chemical hose?

  • A chemical hose is a specific type of flexible pipe used for transporting chemicals, slurries and other substances that have an electrical charge. Chemical hoses are self-neutralizing. The inner tube of the chemical hose carries the chemical, while the outer sleeve carries any charge to the ground. This makes it perfect for carrying corrosive or explosive substances that could cause damage if anything went wrong during transport.

What is a flanged pump fitting?

  • Flanged pump fittings are designed to connect hydraulic equipment such as pumps to metal tubes or hoses. These fittings come in many different styles depending on the application.