Diesel Generators for Sale (2,426)

Are you in need of a power source? United Rentals supplies top-tier used diesel generators for sale. A diesel generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Diesel generators are often used as backup power sources or primary power sources in areas with limited or no access to natural gas or electricity. They provide power for tools, equipment, and appliances when there is no other source of electricity available. United Rentals offers a robust selection of used diesel generators ranging in size and power to suit any project. They're built durably to withstand the rigors of industrial and construction sites, as well as harsh weather conditions. Conveniently portable, these units are towable and can be transported to and from locations at your discretion. Browse United Rentals' collection of used diesel generators for sale to find your next power source today.

FAQs About Diesel Generators for Sale

What can a generator power?

  • Generators can be used to power electrical items including appliances, HVAC units, lights and more. It is recommended that generators are not used for more than 500 hours continuously to avoid health and safety hazards.

How much power do portable generators produce?

  • Portable generators can produce up to 2,000 kilowatts. There are also lower power ratings for smaller or less intense generator needs. United Rentals offers a wide selection of generators with varied power ratings to suit multiple job tasks.

How do I buy a generator for power outages?

  • United Rentals is happy to provide you with a vast range of used diesel generators for sale. Browse our site today to find exactly what you need to get the job done. When you’ve made your selection, feel free to utilize our “Request Information” feature and connect with a United Rentals specialist to guide you through the purchasing process.