Pipe Threaders & Accessories for Sale (45)

United Rentals supplies used pipe threading equipment for sale to support your plumbing, pipe and conduit projects. Pipe threaders, die heads, oilers and other tools are essential for completing full-cycle plumbing projects with safe and accurate construction. We’re here to make sure that all your plumbing functions — sealing, lubricating, threading, etc. — are done well to ensure the integrity of your project. With varied brands and price points for any budget, we’re sure to have the tools you need to satisfy your job tasks. United Rentals is standing by, ready to meet your plumbing, piping and conduit needs.

FAQs About Pipe Threaders & Accessories for Sale

What are the different types of pipe threader machines?

  • The different types of pipe threaders include manual ratcheting threaders, hand-held power drives and threading machines. We encourage you to reach out to your United Rentals branch to consult a specialist on the best threader to use for your job tasks.

What materials can I thread?

  • You can thread any material used as piping. This includes PVC, copper, steel and iron. Before threading, ensure you have the best threading option for the specific material you intend to thread for the best results and to stay safe while working.

How do I clean threading on pipes?

  • Threading can usually be cleaned with any standard cleaning material. One of the best combinations is baking soda and vinegar to make a paste. Apply the mixture directly to the thread and allow it to sit for roughly 10 minutes. Lastly, take a cloth and wipe the threads clean.

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